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Watch: The Gypsy Shrine gets the Full Colour Treatment

17th October 2018

How do you create market research sessions which are as engaging for the clients as they are for the participants? This was the question we asked ourselves when we were first asked to devise an event for The Gypsy Shrine who, as a rapidly growing start-up, wanted to connect with their audience and get to the core of what their customers expected from their beloved brand.

The team at The Gypsy Shrine approached Full Colour as they clearly felt that they were at a juncture in their business. Having only been established in 2016 the company had already achieved meteoric success, expanding from a niche online product to an international renowned brand with a cult-like following, a presence on the international festival circuit and product lines in a number of high-street retailers. But while this may seem to be an enviable position to many start-ups, TGS were acutely aware that in order to ensure the sustainability of that success, they needed to pause and reconnect with their core audience, interrogating a number of aspects of their brand offering.

After a detailed exploratory briefing with the senior team at The Gypsy Shrine, Full Colour were able to identify a number of key questions that needed to be addresses with the research. These were:

  • How do their audience perceive The Gypsy Shrine brand?
  • What would they like to see from them in terms of future product development?
  • What do they feel are the values and ethos of the brand and how should this be represented in their online presence and brand initiatives?

From this we began to design an event that would seek to answer all of these questions while immersing both the clients and the participants in the world of The Gypsy Shrine.

The research was designed in stages and we worked with a viewing facility to realise our aspirations for this project. We utilised the space so that different areas represented different elements of The Gypsy Shrine business and each area was set up to explore a number of questions which were vital to those parts of the business.

Perhaps the most striking part of the event was that the venue was dressed to reflect the ambiance and visual ethos of the brand, converting a traditional viewing facility into an indoor festival, complete with grass flooring, tents to separate the spaces and festoon lighting and music throughout. We also provided festival themed food and drinks to get everyone into the mood throughout the event.


The results were astounding – as you can see from our video of the event, the clients felt like they got to see a side of their consumer that would be impossible to experience at their events or through the lens of their social media and the participants felt empowered and part of the next phase in the evolution of the The Gypsy Shrine.

Since the event, the company has been working hard on the findings of the research and have launched a number of new products and initiatives taken directly from the work they did with Full Colour.



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