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Top tips for conquering Social Media

29th January 2018

At Full Colour Research we’re always interested in the ways that brands and consumers can connect with one another, which is why we’ve put together a series that explores each of the most popular platforms with tips on how to increase engagement and some key points to take away.


Possibly the first name you think of when you talk about social media, Facebook is by far and away the most prolific platform and possibly the most important one to get right.



The micro blogging site was catapulted into the spotlight when a number of prominent celebrities began using it as a way to communicate with their fans. Since then it has become something of a hot topic talking point, acclaimed by some for its free speech ethos and derided by others for its indifference to trolls.



The image based platform (now owned by Facebook) has become a favourite among Millennials  where lives are curated and filtered to present some of the most aspirational content on the internet.



The video sharing platform, Youtube, has been a staple of the internet since its launch in 2005. Now owned by Google the platform has come to dominate its corner of the market with brands, influencers and the public jostling for views with huge amounts of new content created every minute.



One of the newest platforms, Snapchat is the fast moving channel where content everything is disposable. Highly experimental and innovative, it allows users to create ‘snaps’ – in the moment content that’s augmented with filters, special FX and temporary animation.


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